Google chrome celebrated it's 10th birthday on the 4th of September, as some sort of strange backwards birthday where we get the gifts google has released a few updates. The list below will explain the changes made so far and briefly cover the changes that Google have planned for chrome's future.

Getting a facelift

Get things done faster

Search bar improvements


Everyone likes to use chrome in their own way, this is why Google have added more personalisation options. Users now have the option to create and manage shortcuts directly from the new tab page. If you needed an excuse to look at more pictures of your dog, you can now customize the background of a newly-opened tab with a photo of Fido.

Behind the scenes

While chrome has had a huge facelift and many imrpovements have been made to the UI and usability, many changes have also been made under the hood. Google stated the following in regards to their backend improvements in their blog:

We launched an ad blocker to keep you safe from malicious and annoying ads, helped move the web to HTTPS to keep you secure online, launched site isolation which provides deeper defense against many types of attacks including Spectre, and brought VR and AR browsing to Chrome. And we?re now rolling out a set of new experiments to improve Chrome?s startup time, latency, usage of memory, and usability.

As an agency we are extremely excited to see what else Google have up their sleeves for the coming updates with reference to their password managed 'Google Dino' we can't wait to see how this will affect password giants such as lastpass, dashlane and 1password.