Things have been extremely busy behind the scenes and we have a lot to show for it with Cole. We've come out with Cole 7 which integrates Stories in Beta which we spoke a bit about earlier but also some really cool features.

A big problem for a lot of people is how Cole and your Laravel site ran in separate apps rather than together as one unit. This meant we had to rely on APIs for the 2 to communicate with each other etc.

We're very pleased to announce that now, Your site sits in a Virtual App inside of Cole, Which means that Cole makes Laravel (The base of Cole and your site) treat it as it's own site but at the same time it also allows the 2 services to tightly share code with each other for a richer experience.

Your site now runs in a virtual app inside of Cole

We've affectionately named the merging of ColeTools and Cole as Cole-in-one as it wraps up the 2 services tighter than ever before.

This does mean that from this point forwards, any Cole developers can simply download and install a Cole installation and setup their site inside of the CMS whilst using APIs. We?re now removing ColeTools from circulation as a result.

In other exciting news, You may have heard, but we're merging with Nullstack! Nullstack is an agency that I, Peter Day and Nathan Langer have setup together and are subsequently rolling out all our work into this company.

This is great news because we've now got 2 people to help with your projects and sites and better support than ever before.

Cole is now a part of Nullstack Limited.
This does mean as well that Cole is also a licensed product. You now need to get in touch with us if you want to start using Cole. Existing customers are unaffected by this.

Exciting times ahead, Chat soon!