Twenty (ish 😜) years ago, two Stanford Ph.D. students launched a new search engine with a bold mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Though much has changed in the intervening years including now offering Search in more than 150 languages and over 190 countries,Google is still dedicated to building products for everyone.

Google started out as a basic & simple search engine in 1998 and has turned into one of the most important things in everyones life. The search engine was created for around $100,000 because Sergey Brin & Larry Page wanted to challenge the search giants at the time Yahoo & Atlavista.

Google went public in 2004 and started letting people buy its shares at 85 dollars, they sold 22.5million shares and raised 1.9billion dollars, at the time of writing this post Google shares are worth $1,207.36 each with a market cap of 835.13B. As Google's popularity has grown over the years it has seen it expand in a number of ways with the additions of voice search, image searching with apps such as Google Goggles and even smart devices for your home. Google is paving the way in accessible AI and machine learning functionality with services such as Google Cloud, with a bit of experience users can now access API's that can be used to train AI and generate models. We are very happy to be an agency that utilizes several Google products and services in our own development for user tracking, app development, advertising and so much more.

Everyone has come to accept that Google is a part of their life and as an agency that visits Google frequently we are extremely excited to see what other developments and ideas they have planned for the next 20 years!

As part of their 20th anniversary Google have added an inside look with Google Maps at their original office garage where it all began.
When we visit Google next, we'll film a video so that you can compare the difference between their first office garage and their offices now.