Google Developers Agency Day Europe

We recently attended the 2018 Google Agency Day in London at the St Pancras Google Offices after a lovely morning coffee with some pigeons. The day was filled with the latest information and news related to website development, app development, voice search, AI and much more.

We started off the day with a brief introduction from Rupert Whitehead, Rupert is a key part of the Google Agency Program, we transitioned into a networking session where the room was divided into section based on role. Developers were sat together to discuss anything they wanted relating to app development, website development or any issues that they were currently facing as an agency. This was very useful as it allowed us to talk with developers from around the world and of varying sizes to see how they handle some of the issues that crop up when running an agency. A range of topics were discussed and thrown around in the hour's networking session and as a result we all came out of the session a little more relaxed and with new ways to tackle or approach things within our agencies.

Amit Chopra

The first talk was from Amit Chopra, Amit is one of the key members of the Google Agency Programme working closely with agencies to make sure that they get everything that they need to push their skills and their business to the next level.

Sam Dutton - PWA & The opportunity of the web

As a web developer this was possibly my favourite talk of the day. Sam spoke about the web and how it has progressed in the last 20+ years. With a significant rise in mobile users and traffic, mobile is now leading the charge on how people look at websites and the methods in which they are developed. Since day one we have been very keen to integrate PWA functionality into our websites, this is due to a talk that we watched Sam perform last year in London. With some of the new functionality that is coming to progressive web apps such as bluetooth, ambient lighting control and much more we are very excited to see what we can create with all of the new functions and features!

Swav Kulinski - Flutter (A year on)

This talk explained the benefits of using Flutter over clunkier app development languages. Some of the main features within the Flutter 'toolbox' make app development easier to pick up and execute. With the addition of the 'hot reload' feature app's can now be generated and previewed much quicker without the need to build and compile a full app. This cuts build time down from around 20-30 minutes in some cases to just 400ms!

AI Panel with Seldon, Brainpool, Instadeep & Novoda

This panel was extremely insightful and really quite impressive as a whole, showing everyone at the event that even though AI is an amazing and powerful thing that should be considered but it isn't always the best option. The panel explain that in some cases even though AI and ML could be implemented you first need the correct data and the correct amount of data before you can even start your path to implementing effective AI into your business or workflow.

Using Sprints to help clients get 'UI'

In this talk Mustafa spoke about the advantages of organising and leading a 'sprint' with your clients to help them design and develop their website or app more efectively. For those of you asking, what is a sprint?

A sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

Here at Nullstack we offer a sprint service in which we will come into your business and help you develop, design and prototype your ideas effectively leading to a more successful and efficient end product. For more information on sprints please contact us on:

Upcoming Events & Updates

We can't wait to see what else Google have in store for us at future events. We're looking forward to trying out the new devices such as the Google Pixel 3 and the Google Home Hub. With the improvement and progression of voice search and Google Duplex (due to arrive next month) we could see a very different online experience from the one we are currently used to. If you would like to discuss anything in this post please contact our team on:

You can follow how the day went for us on our twitter moments:
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