Google maps have made navigating unfamiliar cities on foot much easier than the seemingly pre-historic method of using a paper map. When using google maps on foot the blue dot on the map signifies your current position, except this isn't always the case and users can experience issues in which the blue dot "wanders" off to an area that the user isn't actually in. This is due to a number of reasons but usually in a busy city with a large amount of tall buildings it's because the buildings are making it difficult to get an accurate and strong enough GPS signal.

As you can see from the video above, it uses the tall building and landmarks mapped by Google Street view to provide locations in an AR overlay. We can't wait to try this out as Google is slowly rolling this out to Google Guides first then out to the public as a BETA.

We can't wait to see how other companies start to include AR into apps used everyday! Augmented reality is more accessible than ever before, with nearly everyone having a smartphone or a device that is AR compatible. We are very excited to see what else crops up!