Over the last few months we have been working with the Headteacher, Administration & the ICT lead at Tornedale Infant School in Rossington, Doncaster to develop and design a brand new website. Their old website wasn't performing how they wanted it to, it was unresponsive and hard to navigate with how the web has evolved they needed a website that was easy for parents and general users to use quickly and easily. Tornedale is a community infant and nursery school for children aged 3 to 7 years, maintained by the Local Authority (Doncaster MBC).

At Tornedale our shared vision is that of community, where everyone works together for the children. We wish to provide a safe and inclusive school where everyone is challenged and supported to reach their own individual potential.
- Lisa Almunshi (Headteacher)

We developed the website with the schools vision & ethos and target audience in mind, this allowed us to really pinpoint what services were required for the website to excel. We are also working with the team at Tornedale in Rossington, Doncaster to improve the School's Search engine optimisation (SEO). Since we began optimising the website and putting proper optimisation strategies in place Tornedale have seen a vast improvement in their rankings with several page on results in Rossington.

New Features

The website has a whole load of new features that make the website stand out, they also make using the website a breeze for parents. We have added a dedicated documentation area where parents can download and find browse PDF documents quickly with the instant search feature.

We made the language multilingual by adding a translation feature to the website which allows users to instantly and seamlessly translate the whole website into a language of their choice. With Tornedale being a school that caters for (EAL) children a translation tool was considered to be a requirement, we wanted to make sure that all users could get the best possible experience when using the new website regardless of their primary language.

Tornedale Infant School Rossington, Translation Tool in action

The website also has an events calendar, this events calendar in coming months will be getting a small upgrade with a future release of the Cole CMS. This will allow parents and users to come onto the website and save dates that have been entered into the schools event calendar to their device. We wanted to make sure that users could get as much useful information from the website as possible, this is why we wanted to allow users to integrate the school's calendar into their own.

Cole CMS

The website benefits from a range of custom features that have been implemented into a bespoke version of our very own Cole CMS. The CMS has been developed with speed and usability in mind making sure that updates and additions are quick and easy to do. The CMS compliments the website perfectly allowing us to add new features at the drop of a hat when requested by the team at Tornedale Infant School & Nursery Rossington, Doncaster.

You can find the new website by going to the following link:
Tornedale Infant & Nursery School Rossington, Doncaster